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  Culbac® Forage product is very effective inoculating silage and haylage. Like all Culbac® products, it works differently than others because it isn't a live "bug" product. It works by stimulating the naturally occurring microbes already in the silage, which we believe provides a more effective, more reliable inoculation.  

Research done at Kansas State University on alfalfa haylage
showed better acid production and lower pH.

  Lactic Acid Total Fermentation Acids pH
Control 2.40% 9.68% 5.36
Live Inoculant-Enzyme A 2.42% 10.04% 5.19
Live Inoculant-Enzyme B 2.21% 9.70% 5.34
Live Inoculant C 2.57% 9.41% 5.38
Culbac® 2.78% 10.67% 5.17
  Culbac® Forage is available in either liquid or dry. One bag of dry treats 250 tons, and 1 gallon of liquid treats 100 tons. Give Culbac® a try and compare!  
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