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If you've never used a preservative before, wouldn't you like to:

    - bale sooner after cutting?
    - retain more leaves on alfalfa?
    - get higher protein hay?
    - quit baling at night to catch dew moisture?

Culbac® Forage allows you to bale hay at higher moisture with a decreased risk of mold . You can bale sooner after cutting, reducing the risk of rain, allowing the plants under the windrow to start growing sooner, and reducing crown damage while baling. University trials show improved yield because of it.

For alfalfa, baling at higher moisture saves leaves, which will increase protein. Look at this research done by New Mexico State University on small square bales:

  Moisture Leaf to Stem Ratio Crude Protein
At cutting 81% 60:40 21%
When baled at 23% 58:42 19%
When baled at 15% 42:58 13%
Look at the leaves!

If you have used or shopped for a preservative, Culbac® offers the following benefits over competitive products:

    - Economical. Typically you'll pay $1.50 to $2.50 per ton.
    - Long shelf life. You can use leftover product on the next cutting or even next year,   which you can't do with a live bug product.
    - Is more palatable to livestock.
    - Not an acid, so it won't corrode equipment and is safe to use.
    - Low application rate, so you aren't continually refilling the applicator.
    - Easy to apply. The liquid is mixed with water, and the dry is put on directly.

We also have a complete liquid spray system for your swather or baler for under $400.

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