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You can use Culbac® products in every aspect of your swine operation, from sows to the finishing barn. It is available in liquid or dry forms and the liquid can be used in water medicators, even with chlorinated water. Since Culbac is not a live microbial product, chlorinated water won’t harm it, nor will antibiotics. Culbac® can also be pelleted, so it can be put in at your feed mill.



  BP-6™ for baby pigs

BP-6™ is a liquid product that can be used from day 1 of a newborn pig’s life. It will get the pigs off to a faster and healthier start with less problems. You can use it only to help scouring or slow pigs, or use it all the way through weaning. It comes in a convenient small 4 oz. bottle that will administer 200 doses. The handy plunger can apply product in the pig’s mouth when you handle them, or you can simply mix it in with the milk system if you use one.


Culbac® has shown benefits from the nursery through finishing when mixed in the feed. Culbac® maintains correct microbial balance, which promotes healthier animals. Maintaining correct microbial balances can decrease death loss and improve feed efficiency and gain. These improvements can lead to a better carcass at processing.

Industry emphasis has been to decrease the use of antibiotics in swine production. Recent farm and feed company trials have shown that using Culbac® can decrease the use of antibiotics. Let us know if you’d like to try your own test.

  Sow herd

Feeding Culbac® to your breeding herd will produce several benefits. First, you’ll maintain feed intakes which is a big challenge in farrowing and lactaction areas. Of course maintaining those intakes will produce healthier sows and that will produce more weaned pigs per litter and healthier pigs.

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