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Culbac® has been shown to be more effective than other products such as live microbials and yeast.Live bug products only work in the lower gut, while yeast only works in the rumen of a dairy animal. Because Culbac® stimulates existing bugs, we’ve been shown to work in both places, doing the work of two products. And, because Culbac® is not a live product, we will work with antibiotics to get sick animals back on track quicker.

Look at this study done at Utah State University:

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  Transition cows & heifers, dry cows

Culbac® will stimulate appetite for these special animals that tend to back off feed intake as they get closer to calving. Keeping intakes from dropping can pay big dividends once these animals get on line. Also, since it’s been shown to stimulate immune systems, that can be passed on to the calf.


Milking Cows

By stimulating the microbial populations in both the rumen and lower gut of a dairy cow, Culbac® will help you make more money on your dairy.

1) Digestion will improve to get more milk per pound of dry matter and less feed wasted going through the animal.
2) Appetite is stimulated to keep intakes up, even during high stress times during extreme heat.
3) Somatic cell counts tend to drop over time as Culbac® stimulates immune responses in your cows.



Culbac® can be given from day 1 all the way through until heifers are milking. Liquid Healthy Start® mixed in the milk, or given orally helps prevent or treat scours and gets that young calf developing quicker. After weaning, dry Rumen-bac can be mixed in to help daily gains and keeping the gut working properly. Finally, any time you are giving antibiotics to a calf, give a dose of Healthy Star® in the mouth. Again, because it isn’t a live product, we’ll work with antibiotics to get the gut bug population back to normal quicker.

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