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Cow-calf operations

Use Healthy Start® liquid when you handle newborn calves the first time. A small dose given orally will get them going with fewer problems. Any time you are giving antibiotics, give a dose in the mouth again. Because Culbac® is not a live bug product, it’ll work with antibiotics to get the animal back on track quicker.

If you feed any grain mix to your cows, mix Rumen-bac® in to get better feed efficiency, better digestibility, and stimulate the immune system, which can be passed on to the next calf.

Receiving feeder cattle

If you’re buying feeders at the sale barn, or if you’re a feedlot getting grass cattle from far off places, you know what problems can come with them. Shipping stress and sickness can have you fighting to get these new arrivals on feed and up to the bunk.

Use Healthy Start® right off the truck as you receive animals. It will stimulate appetite and straighten out the rumen and gut bugs to more normal conditions. Rumen-bac mixed in the receiving ration has shown to get feeders off to a faster start with better gains and feed efficiency. Look at the trials done around the country.



If you have some bloating problems, 4 ounces of Healthy Start® in the mouth can help significantly to eliminate bloating. It is definitely more convenient than drenching with a gallon of solution or tubing.

Finishing cattle

Mix Rumen-bac in your feed to get better daily gains and feed efficiency all the way through. The sooner you can get fat cattle off to the packer, the less chance of weather or disease hitting you in the wallet, and the sooner you can fill the pen again. Increasing the dosage during high stress times such as summer heat can keep cattle eating more and gaining instead of costing you time.

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